Copyright Policy

The Allan Film Company follows the copyright laws and therefore cannot transfer or duplicate tapes that are copyrighted. 

If the material is public domain, not copyrighted, or you are the copyright owner, then there are no restrictions on transfers or duplications.

Under the fair use law you can make a copy or transfer to a different format to serve as backup.

The Allan Film Company will not transfer or make a copies of any movies or CDs that are currently in print and available for sale.

With vintage or other materials that are no longer being sold The Allan Film Company will transfer or make one copy with the conditions below:

  • You must own and have legally purchased the original copy.
  • Only one copy can be made.
  • You must keep both the original and copy of the work for personal use only.

By submitting materials for transfer or duplication, you by default certify that you have the legal right to make a copy.